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im running for student council


pls don’t expect me not to wear the same jeans every day bc that is unrealistic and unfair

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but i couldn’t give a fuck whether you give a fuck or not

rip my eye sockets out

make me regret ever going out

but i know i’ll make it out of here alive as long as i don’t watch your life unfold before my very eyes 


i didn’t do a single thing i was supposed to over break


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The greatest prison that people live in is the fear of what other people think.
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SINCE U BEEN GONE !!!!!!!!!!!! (since u been gone) I CAN BREATHE FOR THE FIRST TIME IM SO MOVING ON (ya ya) THANKS TO YOU (thanks to you) NOW I GET (now i get) I GET WHAT I WAAAAAAAAAANT

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♪ strums guitar why is it so hard to find decent clothes at reasonable prices

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